Newsletter SDBR - October 11th, 2011

In this “October 11th,2011” issue of the Security Defense Business Review:

  • News of the Threat

    • Terrorism : 1st threat to Russia

    • Along the borders of Libya

    • Niger in danger

    • Violence in the Gulf of Guinea

  • Pascale Sourisse’s interview

    • Senior Vice President, C4I Defense and Security Systems at Thales (today Pascale Sourisse is “Senior Executive Vice-President, International Development” at Thales Group)

  • In the sectors

    • Companies must move to pro-active business security !

    • Secret and confidentiality in the digital age…

    • DuPont fights counterfeit protection products

    • Securing Haifa Port by Elbit Systems

    • Operation EMBOW XIII on the Landes site of the DGA

  • Financial Markets

  • Franck Greverie’s interview

    • General Manager IT Security Business at Thales. Franck Greverie is now "Group Executive Committee Member - Chief Portfolio Officer" at Capgemini

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