Since 11 September 2001, we have been confronted with a new, permanent, diffuse and complex Threat. The usual response of States is no longer enough and asymmetrical war requires new means, new rules emerge, but those who are in charge must not forget that David is still able to beat Goliath with archaic or inexpensive means like today cyber weapons. Similarly, the technological package showed on 11 September 2001 that Human Intelligence should never be neglected and that data cannot simply be compiled without analysis.

But Threat is protean and also affects the civil society under different aspects: economic threats, criminalities, threats on the information systems, espionage, and so on. In a kind of full-scale war, where friends and foes are not always easy to identify, companies and administrations must deploy security means and implement procedures to protect their personnel, their facilities, their tools, their image ... In short, their tangible and intangible assets!

Total Security is not a panacea, but laxity is not the answer.

The purpose of the SDBR News Blog is therefore to enlighten readers, to give them expert advice and information to help them form their own opinion. It is held by Alain Establier, who has also been Editor-in-Chief of the SECURITY DEFENSE Business Review since 2009.

If we had to summarize the soul of this blog through two maxims it would be:


Which means "If you want peace, prepare the war




After starting his career in the audit, Alain Establier has become an experienced manager with many senior management responsibilities in mid-sized companies and group subsidiaries. He is also a recognized expert in airport security and airport protection whose work in 2001 enabled the "Paris Aéroport" (formerly Aéroport de Paris or ADP) to make significant progress in managing their day-to-day security. In 2003, he created Airport Security Consulting and then High Security Group.

In 2009, he launches "SECURITY DEFENSE Business Review" (SDBR), a subscription-based bimonthly newsletter in French, which covers the Defense and Security Continuum by addressing topics related to defense and security means, defense and security industries, geopolitics and geostrategy, the fight against terrorism, economic intelligence, cybersecurity and cyber defense, research in the fields of C4i, the protection of transportation, organized crime, etc...

With academic background (Law + IAE), Alain Establier is the author of numerous articles on internal audit, aviation security, risk management, and a book "What if we talked about performance in your company?" Eyrolles 1988 published in France and Italy. He is the co-author of "Security - Instructions for Use" published by Ellipses in 2011.
He is also the co-author of "Cybermonde and Nouvelles menaces", published by MA Editions (CNAM-criminology collection) in September 2017. This book, co-written with Xavier Raufer and prefaced by Alain Bauer, is a "state of the art" "in cybersecurity and cyber defense, in the form of 190 demanding questions and informed answers from 33 of the leading French experts..