Newsletter SDBR - May 17th, 2011

In this “May 17th, 2011” issue of the Security Defense Business Review:

  • News of the Threat

    • Diplomacy and Israeli realism

    • Cyber-risks for everybody

    • International solidarity against piracy

    • Are Anonymous manipulated by CIA?

  • Marwan Lahoud’s interview

    • VP Strategy and Marketing at EADS (ex-Airbus)

  • In the sectors

    • Cisco is diversifying in CCTV

    • Axis’ leadership in CCTV

    • Sofradir is produciing infrared dual sensors

    • News from Cassidian

    • Sofipost, Bull and Keynectis

    • Inside secure and NFC technology

  • Financial Markets

  • Does UNHCR cover war criminals ?

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