Newsletter SDBR - September 13th, 2011

In this “September 13th, 2011” issue of the Security Defense Business Review:

  • News of the Threat

    • Algeria : isolationist drift

    • Attacks in Nigeria

    • Maritime piracy

    • Terror in Bagdad

    • Narcotrafficking

    • DDoS attack from Anonymous

  • Riadh Cammoun’s Interview

    • Managing director at CEA-LIST Institute

  • In the sectors

    • Invest in Ontario

    • Long-term cooperation between Thales and Airbus regarding A-400M

    • Cassidian (ex-Airbus D&S) and Ilex work on Identity and Access Management

    • Cybersecurity and phishing

    • FSI invests in Bull

    • New propulsion solution for MALE UAV

  • Financial Markets

  • Is terrorism an outdated concept in Europe?

    • What about Islamic risk ?

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